Top Alternatives to Google Play App Store

google play alternatives

Android Pit
here, we can not only locate and download application but it features a dedicated ‘Tests’ section with app reviews, screenshots and ratings. 50% applications displayed here can be installed with in the application where as remaining of them would redirect to the Google Play store. visit at
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1Mobile Market
Visit at this url “” on mobile device . It lists your applications under a specific category like games starter kits , photo editing , app starter kit ,  music apps to provide users with quick access.

visit at or Slideme features a similar interface of Google Play Store. At store, firstly you need to create account. This interface is really simple . It ‘s possible to set your target country to display a local or particular applications. here , you also have a locking application option using a PIN.

Mobo Market or mobo featured applications and games as well as a dedicated section for particular wallpaper and themes available. Download manager is also available to monitor your downloads in progress. It easy to install and uninstall downloaded applications using app manager tool.

Amazon Appstore
goto url and download the installer. Once you installed, you just need to sign in to Amazon account to make able to download applications. Amazon does not have features of all applications that Google Play had

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Mostly applications displayed on AAOMarket marketplace are avail free. As it claimed by AAOmarket or, they feature 0nly limited apps because they want have only best quality applications here. The flip side is that store doesn’t have any kind of progress indicator, so you cannot know how much time it would take to download your selected application.

People looking for only free applications, can go for F-droid or marketplace. Here you can view different versions of an application for different Android versions such as Gingerbread, Froyo, Honeycomb which are clearly listed here to pick and choose right one.

Good E-reader App Store
In this app store, you would have the application rating just right next to the app in the main interface. It just has a basic interface and displays only hot , new and popular apps along with their categories . this app store provide you a dedicated section for an alternative apps stores where you can download majority of stores mentioned there. (

Manufacturer app stores
Majority of the leading manufacturer in market offer their own app stores with a organised content relevent to their own devices. A good example is Samsung’s Galaxy series mobile phones those are offering Samsung Apps pre-installed in mobile device and it is possible to download apps directly to mobile device from the Samsung App Store and also from Google’s Play Store. like this LG phones feature LG Smart World, Micromax phones feature Micromax Apps Store and HCL has its  ME Store.
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Opera App Store
Opera’s App Store was launched after took over Handster – the store front is platform independent. mobile users are free to access the store by opening the web browser on their Android device and just need to type The service offers auto-detection of mobile device you are using. Download APKs directly to mobile device , almost 70 % of applications are free on this store.

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