Subtitle Addition To Video in VLC Player

aajtechthanks meera to ask techy question,

VLC player is a huge used application to play media files on destop.  But what if you want this with subtitle, to watch subtitles contained movie,  Don’t panic, here for you to solve your problem guys. we will help you for adding them by yourself!  Its really really very simple guys once you know how to do/perform it, its become kids game for you to do.

First thing you need to do is to download a subtitle file associate with movie want to watch.  If your source of movie is a DVD or Blu-ray file, then search for a subtitle that matches a particular media file type you using. This will ensure you a good audio with subtitle syncing. you should look for  subtitle with a file name of movie, which closely resembles with the video file you do have.
Mostly used file of type for subtitles is .srt .
There are various of websites that gives .srt files for subtitles.  you can check out at .
If you have downloaded your subtitle contained file then now you have to move the subtitle file into the same folder in which your video file is running.
After it, rename the subtitle file with exactly the copy name as the video file have, Now you have two files with same name such as:- samplevideo.avi
Now you are able to play your media file in VLC Player with subtitle .
you will see subtitles appear over your movie screen. If its not working well then check the .srt file has been rename it correctly to match the media file name. Now you do restart your vlc media player before playing it again.