Spy on your partner with mcouple mobile app

mcouple mobile app


There is an app that aimed at letting you spy on your partner named mcouple

devloped by a London-based firm named mSpy

it means, any call or message you get during your day will be accessible on your partner’s connected handset without any boundation

mCouple mobile app  is an mobile application which you can download on your Android and iOS devices to keep track of your partners.

available at Google Play store and the Apple App Store


mCouple – Mobile Tracker allows your partners to mutually track text messages (SMS), contacts, call history, GPS locations, Facebook messages
How mCouple features work:

  • SMS tracking – View every text message sent/received by the partners device.
  • Call tracking – Monitor and log calls and call history.
  • Contacts tracking – Logs in every entry in the target device’s address book, which can be viewed via your phone.
  • GPS tracking – You can easily find out the current location of the target phone.
  • Facebook tracking – Love Monitor can keep you informed about all Facebook chats. You can read messages exchanged with other FB users.

Remember that you can access Calls, SMS logs, Contacts, GPS Locations, FB chats straight from your own phone. All information is mutually shared with your partner so he/she will be able to monitor your location, text messages, call and Facebook history.
To start SMS tracking /Call tracking / GPS tracking / Facebook tracking you need to do folling steps:
1) Install mCouple – Mobile Tracker app on your phone and partners phone.
2) After installation of mCouple every user gets personal account ID
3) To start sharing information with the target device you should sent request on your partner’s phone using his/her personal ID. Request to confirm
4) Wait few minutes for updates and enjoy SMS tracking, Call tracking, GPS tracking, Facebook tracking features