Spy on Friends Phone : Airdroid

spy on friends phone via airdroid

Airdroid makes easier to spy on your friends phone for you now.

What can you do with Airdroid

  •  Text Messages
  •  Calls
  • Install and Uninstall Apps
  • Hide or Unhide Apps
  • Delete Files, Photos, Videos whatever you want to do

App name Airdroid make easier to manage android device from a webbrowser, without using any cable.

This app is available for Google Play, Mac OS and Windows.

airdroid app on destop

First thing you need to do before starting spying on friends phone is

Download  App Airdroid from Google play store and Install it to your friends phone

Notification feature of AirDroid make it display on your desktop via your friends phone.

From here you can spy on

Emails, Messages, Instagram likes, calendar alerts, Facebook notifications and some more.

When you install AirDroid application, it will ask you to grant permission to read notification. All of your notifications will show on right side of your windows. You can select which application’s notification show on your desktop, you can turn off that you don’t want to see in notification window. you can shut it off also.

Text Messages and phone calls is also an addition feature in this application, Along with calling and texting, you can interect with those alerts as well , you can accept phone call, your friends phone. If you are using an iPhone or Mac, you can’t talk through your computer on the call. Remotely answering for a call on my phone worked most of the time in my testing, but The thing that i had noticed I needed to click the answer button for first 2,3 rings, otherwise it would not pickup in that time before it goes to the voicemail.

Call rejection feature from the pop-up alert too and you send an automatic text message response explaining that you are not anwering now and why. Mute phone also is an feature make you star of call control, which is helpful when your besty always forget to make phone silent during meeting .

receive call by airdroid

It have Screen mirroring feature, but only for rooted phone, Its an another feature of AirDroid which have ability to view and interact with your Android’s screen on your Personal Computer. This feature is called with name AirMirror, is still in beta and working on rooted phones have Android 4.0 and upper versions.By this AirMirror feature, you are able to see all of the parts of your phone, like settings, games and apps, from the computer screen. I didn’t have a rooted phone to test, but this tool’s promise that it is quite neat especially for Android phone users.

Extra features on AirDroid‘s Web portal is the place to interact with Android device from personal computer. From the website you can access phone, ringtones and photos. screenshots and use the camera to take and record photos, all things .

Note:- If you are spying on your friends please make notifcations off on your friends mobile phone and hide the Airdroid app

Now visit on web.airdroid.com  and login and start accessing your friends phone remotly

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