Sony’s waterproof mp3 player

water proof earphoneSony’s water proof mp3 player W walkman is available for sale now and this time Sony handled a better way to marketing strategy.
As you see in picture, walkman is inside a water bottle which instantly demonstrated that is the proof of waterproof function. These headphones are designed to perform a swimmers a way to listen to their playlists in a pool. To introduce this product to their audience, Sony sold these players in vending machines at gyms and pools to make

purchases as easy as buying a bottle of water.This W Walkman stores the 4GBs of music and can quick charge in 3 minutes for 90 minutes playtime. charge it for longer 3 hour charge for up to 8 hours. best thing is it designed to be dunked continuously in to 2 meter of the water. The video shows brilliant new marketing strategy in market, which will definitely make an attraction for those looking for a way for portable music.