How to Save Facebook Post to read later

thanks ritika to ask question

Sometimes you donot have soo much time that you can read your friend’s posts completly. That time you forget, But after some time when you want to read that post , you have to waste your time in searching your Friend’s share in timeline posts. In this article, we are going to share a Trick to solve that problem. So, you can easily solve your this problem by following these simple steps:


Here are Some Steps

1. want to save fb post>>>> Click at Arrow on top right corner of the post as shown in the figure below.

2. After it click on “SaveNAME“.
follow above step to Save posts, it store in your “Saved Items” and only you will see it.

Facebook-saved1 Facebook-saved3



3. Now to see saved posts, Go to “Facebook Home“. (News Feeds )>>>>then click on “Saved” button as shown in figure below.

Now You Must Know How to Delete Saved Post

1. want to delete your saved Facebook posts>>>> Click on “Saved” in your Facebook Home News Feed areas.
2. On top right corner of Saved posts you will find “X” button to archive it.
3. In that case you would permanently delete , click on “Archive” and Delete it.