Recover Windows Forgotten Password

recover window forgotten password

Forgotten Windows Password

, we have solution for you ,it will take arround 15 min to recover window forgotten password. we needs a bootable cd/dvd or usb driveĀ  . For recovering window password you just need to follow some steps below
Step 1:

Get some one ‘s computer and open website click here . now click on download i suggest you to go for professional

Step 2:

After download install this . now you will see window key professional key icon. here is option for bootable pendrive/usb and cd/dvd,here you can choose what you want to choose, for example you are choosing pendrive/usb . after that click on burn, it will take arround 1 minute. Window password recovery tool is ready to use after an pop up , click on “ok”

recover windows password


after recovering password of windows

Step 4 :

After this you need to insert bootable usb or cd/dvd into computer in which you need to recover password.

now press “1” as shown in picture below

press 1 to reover pass

Step 5 : Now select user name of which you want to recover password , here i selected 3rd one so i pressed 3 as in image below

after it your computer will ask for permission , you must have to press “y” to recover forgotten windows password

select user account to recover password

yes to recover forgotten password

Step 6 : now your password is being reset , if you have more differ account password you can press “n” as shown in picture below

reover more account on windowsrecover password window problem

now you can remove your bootable pendrive and can restart your computer by pressing any key of keyboard

note: perform well work with window 7