Record Desktop with VLC

For This you have to Follow Some Steps

Open your vlc media player. click on your “Media” tab from menu and select “Open Capture Device” from the drop-down list.

Now you have to select the Desktop from the Capture Mode (window pop-ups) . Also increase the frame rate to 10.00 below. After it, click on >>>>play arrow then select the Convert.

vlc1 vlc2









Then a new window appears on screen, where you can click on Create new profile button on front of your profile. then enter a profile name in your box at top and then select third option as mp4/mov under Encapsulation and after it click on create button at the bottom.

Also can click on the browse button to give the destination file where the record would save. After clicking on the browser button, give a name at the end with .mp4 , i.e my video.mp4.

Now your recorder for screen is ready and now you are able to record screen just click on START  button and minimize the vlc media player. Now VLC is recording you screen. Do your work that you want to record on vlc. To stop recording, just close your vlc player.Now you can see your recorded file at the destination where it store which you specified to store

So, this was an easy trick guys how to use vlc media player to record your screen.