New Android App To Find Your Match

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TrulyMadly an app for dating is built from the ground up for the smartphone.

TrulyMadly is an online dating application which helps you to find your match using safe and secure methods by appling your personality test.

It is available for android devices. it does not make any big promises, except that it keeps your information safe and ensures you a complete privacy. We gave the app a quick look today to find out if it lives on to its promise or not.

One of the best key features of the TrulyMadly app is Trust Score that built on how and which information you had provided to it. Information is collected from your phone number, Facebook,twitter and LinkedIn profiles and also your photo ID which is a solid method to verify your identity. Facebook and the Photo ID can make you 60%  trust score. Interactions are not possible unless a user’s profile is verified correctly and untill a minimum score of 30% is not got.  30% of score can get only by just providing their LinkedIn profile and employment status


android dating app

How it works

Here is a Hide option by which you can Hide people you don’t like or ‘Like’ people you’re interested in. Hide people will passed and liked people will gets a approval. If a person ‘likes’ you back, you can see their full name and interact with can’t interact with those people you’re not interested in, they can see where you live, your qualifications, family income and religion such like some basic informations which does’nt effect your privacy, if this information has been provided. Even though your name is not revealed, people can identify you by your photo and also know a lot about you, through your other profiles.

personality tests help in searching people you’re most compatible with whose people. Matches are on baseds of your preferences such as age, height, country, annual income and eating habits you previoisly filled. These details are visible to all  including verified and non-verified. Once your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are verified, others can see the number of connectionsyou have added you have on each account and also find out if you have any friends in common. If you have verified your profile, then you will be shown some matches, but not allowed to interact with them. Source: