About Microsoft ‘s Next OS Window 10

window 10

Microsoft Window 10

Microsoft has launched his new Operating System>>> Windows 10 which is considered as logical next step of Windows 9 but Microsoft also claims that this is the OS which is advance of Windows 9 .

The operating system window 10 will be completely customized with each separate platform with its key idea that user interface made easy to use.

window 10

news about window 10

with a refreshed taskbar window 10 become a new “task view,” which would show all apps that are running on your virtual desktop

Native apps such Microsoft demoed , Mail and Calendar, shows responsive design that could adjusts your view to resize .

window 10 .1

The Charms Bar will still at its place, it may not look exactly the same when its build comes out – Microsoft says that the UI will still not final yet and can expects to change it — and much of touch elements and gestures would be carried over from Windows 8.

window 10

It’s official: Windows 10 is on the way for window users. As the Windows rule for all Windows, a single os for PCs , phones , and tablet , and it’s coming in your hand in 2015. The goddamn Started Menu already.

Developing… adding more pictures & impressions as we told. It just not a Start Menu.