Microsoft office pranks

ms office pranks

This microsoft office prank / ms office prank  Trick could perform on soft copy such as microsoft word , powerpoint or things like it

Here are some steps you need to follow

Step 1: Write your Microsoft Word / powerpoint presentation, well and good if you already have that one

Step 2: Make a backup copy of your word file or copy paste it

copy word file for backup

Step 3: Now open notepad then click on file after it click on open

open notepad file

Step 4: Now Select “all file ” on place of  “Text Docoments” then click on word file which you want to open

select all file in notepad

select word file to open in notepad

Step 5: After opening word file in notepad it will look like as shown in image below


word file after opening in notepad

Step 6 : now select some text in notepad file and delete selected text as shown below


Select text and delete it

Step 7: Now Save the file not “save as” do this save file. it will retain the .docx extension

Step 8: Submit this file and continue to work . now when they open it it will looks like picture shown below

microsoft word errornow you can ask your boss to submit report on another day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy it but we will like to hear from your mouth

thank you