A Japan’s Company Plans For Functioning space elevator

A Japan’s construction company named Obayashi Corporation announce that it is using carbon nano tubes for building a 96,000 km tall space elevator that could take people and cargo into the space at low cost.

Space elevators is like long been the realm of science fiction but the Obayashi Corporation has now announced that they are planning to do running in the next 40 years. if they got successful, it will be a revolution in space travel – it’s estimated the cost to 1% of the cost of a rocket to talk people in space.Although it might be

impossible, A 2012 international study concluded that space elevators are feasible scientifically .It could only possible with super-strong carbon nanotubes. Its tensile strength is approx a hundred times stronger than a steel cable that why i can possible.

Its a big hurdle who is trying to make carbon nanotubes long to reach into space. At presest the Obayash they can only create nanotubes that are 3 cm long.

Researchers in all over Japan are now working on it for extending this length dynamically .

space evetor

Even the cables aren’t ready yet,Kanagawa University’s scientists in Japan are also working on robotic cars to reach 96,000 km in space. Approx a quarter of the distance from the Moon. 30 people could go into the space at once with car, they estimated.

Carney reports that “a space shuttle costs around $22,000 to run 1 km of cargo into space, a space elevator can do the same thing at approx cost $200”.But rockets still useful for exploring further to the Solar System, but that can be launch from platforms in the orbit which might reduce the fuel cost required for breaking Earth’s gravity.

The elevator could open the opportunity for cheaper/low cost space tourism . While there is a exciting announcement that there’s would be a long time to go, and Obayashi is not going to only try and get do alone. Ishikawa said,”we need an international organisation with many companies to make this big project”.