iphone 7 features and specifications leak

Iphone 7 feature and specifications

With the arrival of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, speculations for iPhone 7 has also started and some crazy people are ready to skip the current generation Apple phone for the sake of iPhone 7! When it comes to Apple iPhone then no rumor is a rumor and no timing is too early. Features found from the rumor list or rather wish list for the upcoming iphone 7 features and specifications leak includes 3 dimension dual lens camera.

Apple will introduce dual lens 3 dimensional camera through iPhone 7?

High profile designing of iPhone 7?

Front camera flash light in iPhone 7?

Wireless charging technology rumour in iphone 7 model!

Iphone 7 feature and specifications


3 Dimension Cameras with Dual Lens

The iPhone 7 camera is rumored to have two lens systems where the back camera uses two lenses and it is able to produce DSLR quality imagery. Recently Israeli company LinX is snapped up by Apple which specializes in high tech camera sensors.

High profile designing along with demise of iPhone 5C

With the all new aesthetic for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus models Apple is unlikely to alter the look and feel of the handset for the next update. If Apple follows its traditional pattern of product releases then it is expected that changes to the operating system and upgrades for individual components will take central stage. Rather than a new external look the updates will focus on individual internal improvements.

Cloud Storage facility

At first rumors spread that Apple will refrain from producing 16 GB storage capacity phone this year as far as storage capacity of iPhone 7 is concerned. According to experts the minimum storage capacity of the next generation phone would 32 GB but recent reports suggests that Apple is planning to limit the internal storage capacity of the phone to 16 GB though it will provide enlarged cloud storage.


Evolved Video Quality

According to the experts who are studying iOS 9 Code the software is going to support front facing video camera that can shoot 1080p videos whereas the beta version of the latest software reveals that with iPhone 7 users can shoot videos with 240 frames per second that is can shoot 720p video.

Wireless charging technology

While wireless charging is here it works well and one would feel as if they are living in the new technology though truthfully it is not much supported as one would have loved so wireless charging is actually one of the most frustrating available technologies which is among the iPhone 7 features rumour list. If the model would support this feature then this will set apart the competition as many people would actually like a phone that has such a feature.