How To Increase Ram in Android with sd card

ram for android

How To Increase Ram In Android.

This hardware could affect greatly to any phone, we must not able to use bigger size applications and can not play big sized games or lot of difficuties to run multiple application at particular time . It creates a hanging problem to a android phone. But some of us are not able to get the high range mobile phones. Majority problems are due to processor and ram size in our android device. Here is how to increase ram with cutting cost.

Note: Increasing ram does not mean that i am saying to add internally any hardware to Android device or phone. Possible for a normal man to add hardware to Android device is very difficult and even risky as well

using this awesome method you can increase android device ram upto 4 GB.

First of all Discuss requirements are:

  • Windows PC
  • SD cardreader
  • SD card of what size you want but class 4 or higher SD Card will give excellent speed to android device / Phone.
  • Rooted smartphone Or Rooted Tablet (If you want to increase RAM and Internal Memory of it.)
  • An internet service provider connection for downloading some of softwares .

Now next step is to partition sd card

1.Download a partition tool named Mini tool Partition from Here

2. Install this application on your computer and connect your SD card to computer with a Card Reader.

3. Open the Mini Tool Partition app in your computer system. Now a wizards opened and click on SD Card then select the Delete option.

(Note: This could definetly format SD Card or it will erase SD card data permanently )

4. Now Formatting of SD Card is completed ,After it you have free whole space of your SD Card .

5. A pop up box will appear gives an option for making partition; now here select the partition as primary and file system like FAT if SD Card is less than 4 GB or FAT32 if your SD Card is more than 4 GB.

6. You must leave about 512 MB or more space (your choice) for making your next partition.

7. Now select done and right click on unallocated space of SD Card and now again click make option. Select Primary partition but change the file system with




Note: (Ext2 is not necessary as most ROMs work fine with it).

Make Ram Of SDCard Android

  1. Click Apply on Changes,this process takes few minutes after that partition is completed.
  2.  Install Link2sd from Google Play  to your phone.
  3. On the first launch of the application, it will ask for root permissions and then, it will ask you file system of the .ext partition that you had made before, choose the option as you had done in the partitioning steps.
  4. Sort the applications according to size and start to do linking with them.

Now you can play heavy games and use multiple apps. You have done your task Enjoy.