How to do Auto Like on Facebook

auto facebook like

How to do auto like on facebook

Here are some steps you need to follow

Step 1 :- First of all you must have three things

Google Chrome or Firefox
TemperMonkey Extension [If you are usig Chrome] or GreaseMonkey [if you using Firfox]
Autolike Script

Step 2 :- Now login your facebook account from Firefox/Google Chrome.

Step 3 :- After it Install the TemperMonkey Extension and Autolike script to Google Chrome [Links are given in step 1] or GreaseMonkey for firefox

Step 4 :- Now on your Facebook account and see at left down corner. You would get menu for auto like

Step 5 :- Now click on Like All Status to like all status and click on Like All Comments to like all the comments.

[Note- Please do’t  like more than 100 posts otherwise facebook will detect you and consider as spam]

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