Handwriting App for Android Phone

Google Handwriting Input, a new handwriting app for android phone released by google at google play store. By the help of this app user can write freely in different languages with their hand and it will be taken as the writing text. In simple words it allows users to write text on Android device as an additional input method .

Google handwriting input

As like its name, this app make users input text by writing on the android device’s screen. The google play store app Google Handwriting Input also supports emojis also so that you can also draw an emoji and it will seen on the displayed screen which you are watching.

ThisGoogle handwriting input tool recognizes 20 distinct scripts and 82 languages. It works with cursive writing input and printed both, . It also have an option to select from local or cloud-based handwriting recognition which available. Google prefer or recommended the latter because it is more accurate and easy to understand by android application tool, but the most important it needs a internet connection to access internet.

Before this already featured handwriting recognition in the Google Translate application, Also on its mobile search and via the Google Input Tool. However, the first time the greatest search engine market Google provides support for handwriting tools to all of the Android mobile os. The google play application Google Handwriting Input works on  device running on Android 4.0.3 or higher, and this app is available on the Google Play Store.