How to Get Unfriend Notification on Facebook

Thanks to Extension Developers we have Chrome Extension that which unveil the mystery of unfriend at facebook. Here some steps so that next time if somebody removes you from their friends list you will get notification as:

unfiend notification

Here some steps to know who unfriend you on facebook, you must follow

Step 1: Download  Unfriend Notify on Facebook Free Extension from Chrome and install it

Step 2: Click Here to go to  the Extension in Chrome Webstore and Click on Free or Add to Chrome Button after that click on Add in the Popup.
Step 3: Now, It will automatically install on chrome, now activate it after installation
Step 4: Now if the extension has been added then go to your Timeline. Now Click on Friends, Here You will see a new tab named “Lost Friends” is been added there.

Now you are able to know easily that who unfriend you from facebook