Google Augmented Glassware Keeps Your Eyes On Road

google glass in car

Get Google Augmented Glassware in car with Navdy meet a new way for you to keep an eye on your phone without looking away from the road.
Navdy brings a transparent display for drivers notifications and information connectivity with car systems like Android Auto and CarPlay, without making side to eyes on road.

google glassware

Google Augmented or Google Glass technology an Opportunity to improve that whole experience safer and natural, include some voice control,a head-up display that shows driving directions,based on conventional dashboard input. Text messages and phone calls on a projection screen front of you.Display unit rests on your car’s dashboard right above your steering wheel and uses a high-resolution projector to display a transparent image.Also visible in sunlight

Google Smart Glasses interact with the unit by talking or through gesture controls. integrated into your car’s system to display your speed, warning notifications, or even let you know how many miles you can go.

While connected car systems with Apple’s CarPlay aim to smartphone’s display on your car’s dashboard, a new project is like Google Glass than systems that use touchscreens and glass in car
Navdy CTO and Cofounder Karl Guttag said he doesn’t believe existing in-car solutions really provide a safer solution.focused on improving the experience of switching between apps, so that phone calls and other notifications won’t interrupt between navigation.

“Google Glass for your car” a Google Augmented Glassware is available for pre-order starting from today. 1.2 million cars were sold with a head-up display system last year and about 800,000 this year
Navdy is expecting $60,000 during its 30-day pre-order campaign. During the pre-order period it’s selling the device for $299, a $200 discount for preorders from $499 retail price.