How to Fix Android and PC USB Problem

1. To do this first of all Download “USB Deview”
2. Now unzip all the contents of the file to your self created folder.

3.  After doing this unplug All USB Devices connected to your computer except keyboard and mouse and shutdown your pc
4. Leave it shutdown for approx 5 min. Unplug your PC from Power connection. If you are using a laptop then please take out the battery . Leave it for about 8 minutes. After time start it again.

5.  A Semi-Optional Step, If you are satisfy with “Device Manager” we will recommend you to go in and do systematically uninstall all entries are under “Universal Serial Bus Controller.” It Works from bottom to up. In that case the old style connectors you are using this could stop All USB devices performing such as keyboard and mouse. This is a semi-optional that focuses primarily on using USB Deview and we recommend for using USBDeview that can fix your Android ADB driver issues you do have.6.  Open your self created folder where you extracted the downloaded files .

7.  Now Open the “STEP 1- USBdeview” folder.

8. Click on USBDeview.

9. Now you have to uninstall some programs,  “right click” on the entry to which you will uninstall and click on “Uninstall Selected Devices“. After it you would see a list of stuff.

  • Anyone it could says “android” or “android phone
  • Anyone it could says “ADB” or has the word “ADB” in it.
  • Any with the word like “Tablet” in it or “Tablet PC
  • Anyt with your tablet device brand name or other device.
  • Labeled can be as “USB Storage
  • In the device column, all “Mass Storage” devices.
  • Optionally” if you are connected with a PS3 Keyboard and Mouse handy you must use them temporarily and you can get rid of all “USB Input Devices” and “USB Composite Devices“.

10. When  All USB Stuff Still Unplugged, Reboot your PC.

11. Wait for some while and Let the windows take a time to start up. If you want to plug in a mouse and keyboard to login you may do this, Once it login, wait a while windows does task acomplish. Here, we really need to have an good internet connection or if you have Windows XP in your computer then you might have to contain driver CD’s for any USB devices you are using that had been uninstalled and that needs the drivers.

12. Then Start your plugging devices will back in a time . Don’t Plug in yout Tablet yet.

13. Once your external hard drives or something else you have plugged back in and working, Then move on to installing . Don’t plug in your Android Device until it promt you.

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