The Most Effective “Invisibility Cloak” For 100$

A effective Invisibility cloak devices has been unveiled now, It comes with instructions which explains “how to create this at your home”.

Credit goes to scientists of University of Rochester in the New York , This device is able to hide large objects by using cheap and readily lenses.

High tech approache to cloaking and the idea behind this is to take light and have it to pass around something as if it seems like , is n’t there , using with high-tech or exotic materials

As like invisibility cloak , it looks more like something your optometrist will used to check your eyes – and when an object is placed behind the lens, it would disappears from view with out touching background. This would be a first device that can do 3-D .

invisible cloak

Before some years , scientists had struggled very much to hide the objects by varying angles , It seems to be masked when you looked at them from a straight but it will visible again when move lens.


A doctor can see the organs which he was operating on below his/her hand.

Drivers see through their vehicle to their blind spot.

Not need to mention that it can make you many invisible .

Around $100 would be the cost.