Difference b/w Cloud Server , Dedicated Server and VPS

All of these have a distinct functionality and character that make it suitable for use in diff kind of areas and diff kind of purposes. here is diff type of servers

So here is your question ‘s answer which server is better and why?

Dedicated server / Dedicated hosting is type of Internet hosting in which you could hire an entire server which is not shared with anyone. It’s only dedicated to you but you need not to share hardware resource.                                                            It is more costly as compare to other servers.                                                                                                                                              Dedicated Server is not flexible ( this server is in initial config of the load of work)

VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) is offered by Self server of dedicated server which could provide a shared hardware resources with their client hosted. facts based on such as VMware which allow you to high performance . Virtual server takes few mins after purchase. Its flexible and Scalable as well

Cloud Server offered by Enter Cloud Suite . Have hugh level of abstraction. unlike VPS ,its platforms such as open stack or diff hypervisors. Exampple:- KVM . this structure allow to level of abstraction. Paid on hourly based