Change Browser into a Calculator

Here is a Simple trick to calculate calculations with a browser without an internet connection

We offen needs some easy calculation , while we are surfing on the internet ,here we have a simple trick due to which you would not have an need to open calculator in window . with this trick you can do simple calculation in the browser easily. It’s become simple by a simple java script, which is described below. You need to write a simple script in address bar and the answer would display in a dialog box in no time.

javascript: alert(write calculation part here);

like as

if you want to calculate 5+6

then write javascript: alert(5+6);

in address bar then press enter.

Answer will be displayed in dialog box as shown in below .(we used a google chromo in below picture)

browser as a calculator

like as you can use it for more calculation as well such as javascript: alert(3*66);