Block Candy Crush Notifications on Facebook

candy crush saga

We have plenty of apps like candy crush on facebook available and one of most popular app or game on facebook is candy crush, but some of us get frustated with this , not because of bad playing experience . There is also a catagory of people who does’t like to play games as well as they also does not like to play candy crush and does not like to get notification of candy crush on facebook. you can block candy crush notification on facebook

here are some steps you need to follow to block candy crush notification

Step 1:- Login your facebook account and click on notification icon on facebook

Step 2:- Click on notification of candy crush  as like on image below

candy crush notification

Step 3:- Visit application page of candy crush on facebook and press on cancel candy crush sage , don’t click on play candy crush saga

candy crush application pageStep 4:-  Home page of candy crush saga will appear as shown in image below

home page of candy crush sagaStep 5:-  Now re-confirm your block candy crush request as in below picture

re-confirm candy crush saga request


candy-crush-saga-blocked-confirmation4Now you have sucessfully blocked candy crush saga on facebook