Air Purifier More Effective Than A Plant in Your House

air purifier

Plants have an nature’s inbuilt air filters: – it is known as  taking in CO2 and emitting oxygen outside in atmosphere, they are able to eliminat toxins from the enviroment.

In 2007, Harvard University ‘s biomedical engineer partnered with a designer who is from french to see if they could use this technology to amplify this process.

Now-commercialised device known as Andrea, an air purifier that could works with some kind of living plant inside present . This total relies on plant’s natural filtration system, but it’s 1,000% more speed of cleaning your air than an ordinary pot of plant in your home. It’s currently selling is approx $200, here plants are not included.

This is completely a battery-operated system works by using a fan inside to throw in air from the top of the equipment. Air is sucked by a second fan across the leaves, down via the soil and then out post a tray of water and back in the room.

During the process it experienced four types of natural filter method – it will not do only  the leaves filter through the air via phytofiltration, but  microbes in the plant’s roots that remove even more toxin before the soil filters out the different contaminants present. Finally  it pass through the water tray present at the bottom which will keep the plant in moisture but consumes other toxins.

And it looks pretty awesome too. Find out more about how it works in this video by Inhabit: