How to access Gmail Offline

How to access Gmail Offline

Hello friends… Its very hot outside and most of the people is going out for some holidays, but they can’t leave the work or can’t miss mails and all…but while going out there are lot of places u can’t access your Gmail account.

So today we bring some tips that How to access Gmail Offline ➡

With Gmail Offline, clients can get to their mail and Sent messages when they don’t have an Internet connection, or when their connection is inconsistent or not connected. At the point when clients reconnect, Gmail consequently sends any outbound messages. Remember that the greatest sync period for data is 30 days.

  • Sign into the Google Admin console.
  • From the dashboard, click on Apps, then click on Google Apps > Gmail > User settings.
  • Scroll down to the End User Access segment, and see the Enable Offline Gmail for my clients box.
  • Click Save changes. (There might be a postponement before the change produces results.)

When you empower Offline Gmail, your clients will see another Offline tab in their Gmail settings.

And the people who wants to work offline must do the following ➡

  • Click the Settings link in the top-right corner of Gmail.
  • Click the Offline tab (available only if Offline is enabled for your domain).
  • Select Enable Offline Mail for this System.
  • Click Save Changes and follow the directions from there.

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