3 Things You Must Know About Window 9

After disappointment from public reactions towards Windows 8 and its Metro interface, it’s decided to up the ante a little bit and decided to release a completely new operating system that follows a different formula must be look as in picture

Here 3 things you must know about window 9


1. Adapt To Your Devices

Windows 9 will change and adapt its interface according to whatever you are running on it. The Codenamed “ Threshold ”  this operating system will detect whether you have a keyboard and mouse or not. If you do, you’ll be optioned into it. The absence of these peripheral devices (and the presence of touch-based hardware) will trigger Windows 9 to load on a mobile window phone.The older version, Windows 8 was also a stable system with some great features added to it. the operating system’s poor sales were a reflection of the negativity surrounding this attempt to unify mobile and desktop experiences to people in market

2. Start Menu Will Return Back

Many of people feel irritation with window 8 only because it does’nt have start menu. Microsoft realise their mistake , now microsoft bounce back with start menu in its new version of window which is window 9. Start menu is a little difference we will see in window 9 . Microsoft in its new version of windowprovide image tiles with start menu by keep in mind that image describe more than words

3. Free for Window 8.1 Update 2 Users

Window 9 is free for you if you’re using window 8.1 update 2 users. It will comes as a free but you need to update it instead. It will be a rumor until Microsoft comes out and confirms or denies it.