3 Simplest way to boost pc speed

increase pc performance

Increase your pc performance:

Now time to take action and restore some of your pc speed & some productivity.

Here are 3 easy and cheap ways to increase your computer’s performance.

By adding memory :

One of the mostly used quickest ways to increase computer’s performance is by adding some more memory, also called as RAM. Believe it or not, adding memory is the cheapest way to increase your pc performance and it requires little tech-savvy on your part. In fact, most memory can be replace in 10 minutes at your home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There’s a lot of confusing terminology when it comes to purchasing your memory, but do not let it intimidate .

By erasing files :

here are a few applications available to help you to get rid of the junk.


For Windows users

mostly used app>>>>> CCleaner >>>>>>seems to get the job accumplish. Be warned>>>>> this application does more than just clear old files>>>>> so don’t go overboard. Should we decide to give this a welcome>>>> I suggest you to set aside at least an hour, grab your choice and read through this guide firstly. Once you have a good understanding of what needs to be do, dive in.

For OS X users

I will recommend you for>>>>> Daisy Disk. Using an interactive interface>>>> the app will color code what’s consuming your hard-drive space . By clicking on pie piece, you are able to follow the rabbit trail of storage usage down to offending your files. Now you can decide if the file is something you actually need, or you can trash

Via startup items overview :

It’s joking>>>>> how quickly>>>> we go from having a laptop that boots up to incredibly fast

we having enough time to pour a cup of tea before the computer lets us perform a simple task. This is due to startup items consuming away at precious resource.


Windows users can use the CCleaner to help erase unwanted startup items, while Mac users will need to dive into their System Preferences.

first of all Launch System Preferences and select either Accounts . The button you’re looking for is>>>> Login items  just above of your user picture. Click on it>>>>>go through the list of apps currently enabled>>>>>> run at log-in. delete what you don’t want from the list.